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SILVER ARROW has found a home in this little girl's heart, as he could in your child's heart ...

My daughter is fourteen months old and she loves to read SILVER ARROW: A loyal friend, companion, and playmate by Peter “Linus, The Thinker” Karplus. She loves to look at the pictures and listen to the story and poems. I love the fact that it has both short poems and a longer story. Whether we have a lot of time or just a little, there is something the right length for us.

                                             -- Ally Miser, Mother

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Silver Arrow cover

Raynbowkey Press was founded in 2010 as 

a Publishing Assistance Tool, and is proud to announce the release of its first book, Silver 

Arrow, also, its CEO’s -- Peter Linus Karplus -- first children’s book crossover from his more adult-directed poetry and prose writings. 


Peter Linus Karplus,  authoring under several pseudonyms in Silver Arrow, is thankful to Bizzy Bzzz Graphic Design, for the beautifully crafted illustration work in the book, without which help the book would still be on the shelf uncompleted, and is proud to introduce a picture book version of some of his past writings, more geared for children. 

A motto of Linus'.

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