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Peter’s writing began in his early college years, inspired by his life. He started doing simple lyrics which developed into straight poetry over the years.  His literary talent has been honed through his educating himself and also by taking classes in the subject of poetry.  He is proud to say that he now has four books,  his most recent release of his children's story/poetry picture-book, "SILVER ARROW: A loyal friend, companion, and playmate, and Other Free Verse Works", and three priorly self-published books, “Dancing with Fear, Rejection, Doubt, and Hope,”A Potpourri Of Poems,” and “Seeing The Trees Through The Forest: Words of Poetry.”

"SILVER ARROW: A loyal friend, companion, and playmate, and Other Free Verse Works", Silver Arrow is a story of an Apache Indian 13 year old girl who is befriended by a Spirit Guide / Elder as a wolf-pup, and 12 children's poems, covering subjects of dreams, imaginary realms, and friendships.  Also includes two poems written for the 44th First Family, one about President Barack Obama’s first taking Office as well as one about the First Lady, Michelle Obama written for her birthday.

Dancing with Fear, Rejection, Doubt, and Hope”  He wrote from most of his own life experiences, good and bad.  Debra Stevens, an English Instructor at Diablo Valley College had this to say about Peter’s work, “For Peter Karplus, an individual who has lived with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, and people's reactions to his speech impediments and bent body, the triumph of will, courage and understanding displayed within this book is mind boggling. The poems on these pages will show you the joy, sadness, frustration, and irony of his life as he worked to make sense or sometimes show the nonsense of some of his experiences with everything from romantic love, family relations, human ignorance to Halloween and childhood memories.”  This book could be classified as a poetic autobiography.  If others find themselves in his poetry, he applauds them and hopes they become enriched and enlightened by what they learn from the experience.

“A Potpourri Of Poems, written under the pen name of “Poetic Pete”, was mostly inspired by family and friends and thoughts on the 9/11 world change.  This book he simply wrote for fun and to attempt to introduce the world to his Frame-Word™ Poems. He first created this type of Word Poems in 2002.


Seeing The Trees Through The Forest: Words of Poetry,” His third book of poetry and prose including lyrics and some short stories of which Silver Arrow’s text was one.

Personal Info:

Peter is a 52 year old man born with a mild case of Spastic/Athetoid Cerebral Palsy (CP).  His life has been full of encouragement, love, understanding, and also, many physical hardships.  He is the youngest of seven children.  Being born into a family that supported him, encouraged him, loved him as a “normal” sibling, and treated his physical limitations as challenges for him to learn from.  And, for this he thanks them.  He would not be where he is today if they had not spent the time with him stretching the boundaries of his abilities, physically and psychologically.

He attended special schools in his pre-kindergarten years, although it was his parents’ wish that his life was made as “normal” a life as possible.   His mother had him mainstreamed into the regular school system by 1967, his first year of Kindergarten, at age 5. “Mainstreaming” was not a known conception at the time in his state.  And, as a child before he could truly appreciate, as he does now, the role of advocacy he was to play indirectly in California’s, or at least his school district’s, concepts of mainstreaming the disabled populace into the regular school system, he simply enjoyed the childhood friendships he made, not really considering how different he was from the other students.  

Later, in sixth grade he attended an elementary school in Arlington,  Mass. for one single semester where he played a similar mainstreaming role as that Elementary School’s first disabled student, opening eyes of the staff and the other students as well as possibly their schools’ doors for acceptance of future disabled students. 

Then, in Miramonte High School -- CA, he became an initiating charter member of a club, “Miramonte Connection”, the main purpose of which was to integrate disabled students and non-disabled students on a recreational and social level, and he also joined a panel of several diversely disabled students that would go to social science classes at the high schools in his school district to speak on disabilities and how to handle an emergency situation. 

He, then, went on to graduate from Diablo Valley College, where he volunteered as a research assistant and guest speaker for over twenty years for Dr. James Daley, a respected Professor, and now sadly missed, of the Psychology department.  Peter gave talks each semester on his disabilities to educate the students that “judging a book by it’s.cover” does not always allow you to see the whole “book.”

Now, he is doing another first with this book as it is his first attempt at children’s story writing and he hopes it finds admirers in any generation.